Atacama Solar Race Highlights Renewable Energy

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Added: Thursday, July 20th, 2017
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Atacama Solar Race Highlights Renewable Energy

The Atacama Solar Race, recently held in one of the world’s most prized regions for generating solar energy in northern Chile, showcases some of the latest technologies and attracts attention to renewable energy. Competitors in Latin America’s premier eco-friendly race, held from April 21-27, are seen gliding across the Atacama Desert. These solar-powered vehicles may share the sleek style and cutting-edge technology of their Formula One cousins, but they have none of the noise and, most importantly, none of the emissions. This race runs down the coast of Chile and then up into the desert — covering a total of over 2,000 kilometers. Some of the vehicles taking part in this race are capable of reaching speeds of more than 100 kilometers per hour. But abiding by the laws of the land is also an important part of this competition. In 2014, the fastest team finished second — after point deductions for traffic violations. More than 20 teams from across the world are taking part. Some are fully solar-powered, and others are part solar, part pedal-powered vehicles. “For sure, we will not see a car like this on the roads. But it is very important and useful this venture for developing the technologies that will be put on our normal cars, to start to make them more efficient and more green,” said Davide Pontara, captain of team Onda Solare. This region boasts some of the best conditions in the world for solar energy, but while the industry is growing, hosting this race leads to questions on just how much Chile is swapping over. “On an individual level, it is not that much developed as in other countries, but what we want to do with this race is to get people to believe in the power of the sun and what they can do on a local level,” said Camila Cortinez, an Atacama Solar Race coordinator. This region has a good reason to develop independent energy supplies, says Eduardo Hernandez, who runs a small solar installation company. “A year after this was installed, we had the earthquake. It was in 2012. People saw the benefit of the investment. This area was lit, and they were able to light other areas with the energy generated,” said Hernandez. This race highlights the advances and possibilities in solar technology, in a region that not only lives with its natural hazards, but also with its plentiful and prized natural resources. More on: #!language=1Subscribe us on Youtube: + official website: : : :

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